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Fix My Computer

Fix My Computer

Does your computer have any of the following problems?

  • Random error messages

  • Suddenly runs more slowly

  • Freezes or crashes often

  • Shows frequent pop-up messages

If so there's a good chance your computer has spyware, adware, a worm, or to be brief - a virus.

There's many varieties of viruses and similar malicious programs, but luckily they can all be removed.

How much will it cost? $100 to remove all the viruses, plus you get

Bonus #1: Free installation of an anti-virus program.

Bonus #2: Free delivery and setup of your computer within Magnolia.

Make my PC faster

Make My Computer Faster

Computers do slow down over time, but they don't have to stay slow.

The thorough analyzing, cleaning, and optimizing of a tune-up guarantees your computer runs its best, often even better than new.

How much will it cost? $75, a lot cheaper than buying a new computer.

Bonus #1: Given a printed report on your computer's boost in speed.

Bonus #2: Free delivery and setup of your computer within Magnolia.

Save My Business Money

Save My Business Money

David can save your business large amounts of money using two methods.

#1 Hire David for a set number of hours monthly to receive a large discount on his hourly rate. You get a highly skilled individual at your disposal for a fraction of what you would pay keeping an employee on full-time or even part-time.

How much will it cost? Normally on-site work is $70/hr, but

  • 4-7 hours: $65/hr

  • 8-11 hours: $60/hr

  • 12-19 hours: $55/hr

  • 20+ hours: $50/hr (Saves you $400 every month)

Relax, unused hours roll over, so none of your money will go to waste.

#2 David will evaluate your business's technology and point out ways to cut expenses and improve efficiency. Less costs. Less hassle. More work done.

How much will it cost? $250, potentially saving thousands.

Computer Tutoring

Teach Me How to Use My Computer

You don't get generic tutoring here. It's personalized so it goes at your pace, and the examples used are tailored so you'll understand them.

Subjects that can be covered range from introducing someone to a computer for the first time to teaching you how to perform your computer-related tasks at work more efficiently.

How much will it cost? $50/hr. Call to ask about group discounts.